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Participation and role of the different actors and stakeholders (partners) of the Purchasing Centre

OADCPH has identified actors in the field of rehabilitation, especially international NGOs, regional and sub-regional African institutions, international organizations and the United Nations system with which it would like to collaborate while respecting their philosophy and requirements. This is done in the context of exchange of experiences and technical and financial support to its activities.

Current partners of the project

  • ICRC
  • CR Equipements/CR Machinery
  • The ICRC MoveAbility Foundation
  • Humanity & Inclusion
  • WHO
  • BRIAR/West Africa

CR équipements et CR Machinery

Concerning CR equipment and machinery, their participation lies at different levels of implementation of the project.

  • Support during the implementation phase by participating financially in the implementation of the executive management and its functioning and by the provision of a starting stock with facilitation of deferred payments.
  • Active participation in the phase of follow up and evaluation of the Purchasing Centre

The point of view of CR equipment will be taken into account.

Governments of member countries

Governments of member countries will be solicited for the recognition and partnership agreements with various departments will be offered. It will be exemptions of taxes and in some cases agreements of local settlement that will allow benefiting from facilities and supporting in human and material resources to the possible extent.

Sub-regional Institutions

The approaches to the sub-regional institutions will continue in order to obtain on one hand a recognition and on the other hand the free movement of goods and explore the possibilities of Community funding by UEMOA, CEMAC and ECOWAS.

A partnership agreement will be proposed to the Regional Office for West Africa of the African Rehabilitation Institute.

Organizations of people with disabilities and of rehabilityation professionals

The project has the support of the Federations of People with Disabilities in West Africa and Central Africa. These federations will play an important role in mobilizing their members as providers of rehabilitation services but also in giving regularly their points of view in the functioning of the Purchasing Centre.


ICRC and SFD, through their desire to help the partner orthopaedic and functional rehabilitation centres to be autonomous, will play an important role in the success and functioning of the Purchasing Centre via its promotion to the authorities and centres with which they collaborate.

L’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS)

OADCPH will get closer to WHO for technical and financial partnership. Indeed, the WHO in partnership with the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA have established a system of quality assurance for generic drugs purchasing centre. It’s question of recommendations for quality assurance systems focused on preselection of products, manufacturers, purchases, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals. The Purchasing Centre of OADCPH will strongly draw from these recommendations, while adapting them to the particular context of the field of rehabilitation.

Handicap International

Handicap International is committed to supporting the development of this initiative and supports the general concept of the purchasing centre of products for people with disabilities.

To date, 26 centres in 18 African countries have sent back the forms for membership to the Organisation and partnership agreements have been proposed to he governments of  Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ivory Coast, Chad, Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Niger, Mauritania, Congo DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Rwanda and Burundi. Eventually, the African Organization for the Development of Centers for People with Disabilities will have partnerships through collaboration agreements with the governments of all the member countries.

Training program

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Lieu : Centre de formation de OADCPH, Lomé
Date : du 15 au 20 août 2016
Tarif : 340.000 fcfa

Member associations

Member associations